We show you what your data can do.

All DMO’s and CVB’s struggle with too many streams of data, too many individual dashboards and too few insights. We work to align your data and measurement strategies around the key goals for your organization. We help you increase the potency of your digital marketing, amplify your team’s talent, accelerate decision-making and improve communication on performance measures to your board and other key stakeholders.

We know each Destination Marketing Organization has their own unique goals, objectives and needs. We tailor our consulting programs and data tools to create greater value from the data you already have access to, streamline and automate reporting and provide analytical and strategic support for your marketing, research and leadership teams.

Entrada’s destination Data intelligence programs bring:

Confidence to make strategic decisions backed by a comprehensive measurement strategy and data analysis with clean data and efficient datasets.

Clarity in your marketing and sales efforts by looking holistically at data from all aspects of the consumer marketing journey from awareness through to bookings. 

Alignment around a consolidated set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to your strategic objectives, marketing, and sales activities and destination characteristics. One source of truth to inform all facets of the organization.

Speed and agility in making data-informed strategic decisions by bringing data deeper into the organization and instrumenting your key marketing efforts. 

Efficiency by removing the technical barriers and to efficient data analysis, aligning data sources around key decision points and developing custom indices that you can use to track and benchmark the effectiveness of marketing activities across the organization.

Integration of data sources to gather deeper insights into destination performance and increase the confidence you have in your data sources.

Our Services

We offer a full-spectrum of services to support DMO and CVB success from performing a destination data health check to becoming your outsourced analytics team. We scale and adapt to your needs to create the greatest impact for your investment.  
All our programs are built around Entrada Insights’ core principles

A Destination’s Data Should: 

  1. Measure and report the strategic goals of the DMO/CVB

  2. Bring data to strategic decision making throughout the organization 

  3. Be a single source of truth used throughout the organization

  4. Create a common, transparent scorecard for employees, agencies and stakeholders

Destination Data Health Check

In this 1-2 day, on-site program, we interview your staff, key stakeholders and agency partners to understand your key objectives, assessing your organization’s use of data for decision making and identifying gaps in your measurement, collection, and reporting strategy. We provide you with our recommendations on your data strategy and the KPIs that have the most impact on your destination’s performance and develop a reporting protocol for internal and external alignment on your DMO’s key priorities. The destination executes the program independently with monthly support calls and quarterly progress check in’s with the Entrada team to ensure the program continues to adapt to your needs.

Destination Data Leadership

Our data leadership training provides director-level DMO staff with a half-day or full-day training on how to lead a data transformation initiative within their organization with an emphasis on the strategic, technical and interpersonal aspects of change leadership. At the conclusion of this workshop, the leadership team will have the tools and training to develop and implement a destination data strategy to provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace and improve operational alignment among staff and stakeholders.

Destination Data Masterclass

Designed for destination researchers, marketing and content teams and marketing agencies, this full-day class provides a hands-on strategic and tactical review of the destination marketing and measurement ecosystem with an emphasis on how to adapt best practices and techniques for your DMO. This includes a deep-dive into configuring Google Analytics to track web performance most effectively, setting up a campaign data strategy for better tracking of campaign tracking and conversions in Adara Impact or Arrivalist and identifying the KPIs that matter most for your campaign goals. This class discusses data integrity, consumer privacy and making sure you’re finding alignment between marketing, research, and agency staff in measurement and reporting.

Custom Data Analysis & Consulting

Project-based data analysis and consulting to assist with key strategic decisions, gain a deeper understanding of visitor patterns or gain insights into the impact of festivals, events, conventions or sports tournaments in your destination. We specialize in bringing together disparate datasets into a unified view of your destination’s performance allowing you to have greater confidence in the data you already receive. And, our ability to use geospatial data to provide visibility into leisure and event traveler patterns to understand where your visitors are traveling, which businesses they frequent and how long they spend in your destination. These insights make for clearer planning on convention and sports event sales efforts, ad creative, website content, marketing spend and communication tactics to alleviate the effects of overtourism in the most popular destinations.

Destination Insights As A Service

In our most comprehensive program, we serve as an extension of your research and marketing teams to accelerate data excellence within your DMO. Led by your research and marketing teams, we’ll automate data collection, ingest into our platform an analysis to assist with campaign planning, provide weekly reports on advertising effectiveness and recommend campaign optimizations, evaluate content performance and new opportunities and develop appropriate reporting KPIs and cadences for agency leadership and key stakeholders. This is the perfect way to jump-start your destination’s data program, support a lean research and marketing staff, or level-up in your use of data across your organization.