The Entrada Team

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Darren Dunn

Co-Founder & President

Darren brings over 19 years of industry leadership experience in Destination Marketing working for FarePortal, Orbitz, and Expedia/Trip Advisor as part of Interactive Corp (IAC). The diversity of travel companies allowed him to gain valuable experience in destination, air, and hotel businesses across the globe.

Prior to Entrada, Darren served as SVP of Destination Strategy at ADARA, most notably conceiving and launching Impact, their highly successful destination analytics platform.

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Jay Kinghorn

Co-Founder, Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Jay leads the analytics and data teams at Entrada Insights where he uses advanced analytics to help DMOs use data-centered insights to market and manage their destinations more effectively.

Prior to co-founding Entrada Insights, Jay was the Associate Managing Director at the Utah Office of Tourism, where he led the agency’s content, social, marketing analytics and digital marketing initiatives. In 2017 Kinghorn received the Peter Yesawich award for marketing excellence from the Travel and Tourism Research Association and MMGY Global.

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Alicia Whalen

Director of Marketing & Client Success

As the co-founder of one of the first digital marketing agencies for Tourism and Travel, “A Couple of Chicks Digital Tourism Marketing,” and Online Revealed Canada - a National digital marketing conference for Tourism Marketers in Canada, Alicia brings a unique perspective to the Entrada team. She has been delivering destination marketing and data strategy expertise for over 15 years to brands including; Disney, Honeywell, Visit California, Marriott and Westjet Airlines, and has partnered with media giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Bing and eCornell to educate about digital, social media marketing and social commerce.

With over thirty years in destination marketing and travel marketing, we understand your unique challenges.

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